Restore: Active Meditation Class

1:30 PM

Remove the energies that limit you in life during this class!

Advanced Restore quickly and easily eliminated energy blocks that cause disease and clears out subconscious beliefs that keep posterity out of one’s reach. Participants will be taken on a deeper healing journey for faster results in this advanced class. Gina facilitates this hour class and does all the work for you. This class would be similar to having a one on one with Gina, but in a group setting. It is supportive to work as a group in healing. Sharing one’s experience of what works and what doesn’t. The benefits of group sessions are amazing and can offer new ways of looking at the body’s own abilities to heal.

Gina’s intuitive ability to talk to the body allows amazing transformations to happen in class and after class. This energy work is progressive in nature and continues to expand with continued class participation. Gina finds the distorted energy information in the body/mind and then quickly facilitates the body’s ability to eliminate these distortions. Energetic distortions cause negative thought patterns, habitual non-beneficial habits, pain, emotional distress, and prevent people from getting the most out of life. This Advanced Restore class is offered monthly and is open to Energy Yoga clients. Minors must have parents with them to be in class(18 and younger).

This class is great for those that are on a tight budget and still want to benefit from what Energy Yoga By Gina can offer.

This is a class for $45.00/ per class. Cash as the door.

Free for clients that have purchased package deals offered by Energy Yoga By Gina.