“I am not sure who she is but SHE IS GOOD at what she does. I was able to pick up positive energy right away from this session. Her energy healing is great! Highly recommended.”  Fiverr.com Client

“Amazed! I got the goose bumps while listening to the clearing of our home and property – what was present and what was missing – Wow – Spot On! Gina you truly are gifted and you totally rock! I highly recommend ALL her gigs – repeat customer many times.” Colorado, Client Feb 2016

“I have no words to describe my gratitude, only a simple THANKYOU ♥
I do not trust many people, because I feel who is authentic and honest.You are kindhearted and loving soul. Thanks that our path crossed here. This has a deeper meaning to me. You aid me to fulfill my soul purpose. I send you divine blessings and my love. Marc ♥”  Germany Client

“I have had several sessions with Gina and am continually amazed by her ability to know what I need and tailor her sessions accordingly. I recommend getting the audio file, it really grounds the work. Gina is a truly generous and talented healer. I cannot say enough good things about her!” Carol, Fiverr gig

“Thank you Gina for being so caring and compassionate and also for sharing your gift here on fiverr – your services are worth so much more and I will keep you on my list when I win the lotto!! Seriously!! I will keep you posted and Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! Sending you Love! Patty”

“Good morning! Whatever you do works! It’s so incredible, please work on my levels of stress and decision-making, thank you”

Canada Energy Academy Member

Three years ago serendipity brought Gina into my life and since then she has become a trusted confidante, coach and someone I call “Dr.Gina” as her healing methods have helped me. I trust Gina as she complements whatever diagnosis my family Dr. gives me.and her complimentary treatments have helped me to stay in great health as root causes have been addressed. Gina is my go to whose opinion I value greatly as time and time again she has come through for me..

Whenever my body feels out of sorts I contact Gina first as I know within a short time I am back to being in balance and whatever ails me is corrected from a holistic perspective and not pills only with their side effects. Emotional issues are also treated the same way and her perspective is right on.

Gina’s awesome work on Ancestral Clearing &, Body talk had us at wow we were blown away.

I am so happy I now have this website to peruse and continue moving in the uplifting positive energy gleamed from all the information here. I just can’t get enough.

Gina takes her time, she gets to know her clients and responds to their needs in a timely,professional friendly manner.

Thanks Gina for all you do,all that you are a special healing angel on loan to us from the heavens. Keep on being who you are.Consultations for my family members have also been spot on which have helped us address various issues in a more objective way. Thanks Dr.Gina;)

My only regret is that I live in Canada far away from Nebraska but who knows maybe pretty soon the Universe will conspire in our favor for our dear Gina to get here to see all the folks whose lives she has touched.

Take my word for it if you are reading this website, a session with Gina is one you won’t forget

To my Dr. Gina – best Energy healer in the whole world.

Love ya always Hugs!!!

I don’t know how Gina does it but she is TRULY GIFTED at it. I can’t recommend her gigs enough – it’s amazing how the ailments go away after her sessions – anything from emotional to physical – Gina can help!!

Wow! I have to say I had forgotten all about this request even though I placed it today. My knees have been hurting so much that the pain had become quite normal. As I was reading your response, it occurred to me that my knees weren’t hurting. I’ve walked around a little since then and then pain has diminished significantly. I didn’t know what to expect from my request, so just made it and forgot about it. I look forward to waking up tomorrow to see how my knees feel and I can’t wait to see the results of the ancestral clearing.

Thank you!

22:08 October 13, 2014
AMAZING! Our home has been much more peaceful since Gina cleared it – I noticed it the very day she completed the gig – I thought I had left feedback – This is a MUST for anyone needing their home and loved ones in it to drop the negative vibes – Can’t say enough about Gina’s abilities!
Gina knows her stuff and is a veritable powerhouse of wisdom and healing for her clients. A true light worker and one who serves with great compassion, interest and love. Thank you!

Hi Gina,
It’s me again:) I ordered one of your gigs seems like about a month ago because of the pain I was having in and around my organs kidney/liver/spleen – the Dr said it’s muscle pain. Anyway I was going to let you know how great I’ve been feeling but didn’t want to jinx myself:) I’m ordering this for the same thing as the pain is slightly coming back and I may be needing a follow up monthly for a while. I am truly grateful for your abilities, your help and your sharing – you are amazing at what you do! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

After ordering one of your gig, I seems to be better and I would like to order the next for my house.

Yuen Long, N.T, Hong Kong.
22:32 September 10, 2014
Thank you so much for doing this body talk session for me. Although, I do not fully understand how it works for distance healing, somehow I do feel much better today when I wake up. Gina also take extra time to introduce a book that maybe helpful for my case which I really appreciate that.

This is so wonderful! I can definitely feel the subtle shifts in the house! Everything is going so smoothly! Thank you so much, dearest Gina <3

This treatment saved me well over $100 in doctor’s visit and the side effects of the medicine I would have gotten. Besides the body talk treatment, Gina has a wealth of knowledge from Western and Holistic Medicine, that alone was well worth the “Gig”
I would say something definitely shifted in my home. It feels lighter, my birds are more peaceful and happier, and there feels like less “hidden”/ dark energies. The audio that was included is amazing and so helpful! I am very pleased with this gig purchase! 🙂 Will certainly be back for more!

Hi Gina,
Well once again ( insert laughing) something huge has happened. I was feeling quite frustrated prior to appt yesterday, after a I felt so much better. Somehow, just feel more like my own self and perfectly good with that. I just do not feel any compulsion today to explain myself or “fit in”, it just feels fine to be me. At work a guy smashed the most beautiful iridescent blue wasp, and I started to cry, no noise just tears. He called me a crybaby. I didn’t feel the need to explain or stop crying, just picked up the remains of the beautiful wasp and walked away. Somehow today I really feel like I am more myself than I can ever remember. Like cloaks of thick scratchy fabric are off me. Before yesterday when you lifted it off me, I didn’t know it existed.
Having you as a part of my life is a blessing indeed!
Thank you so much for everything,
Chris 8/29/14

Wonderful experience with Gina. I am a repeat buyer many times over as I always feel better after her balancing. Order with confidence knowing that she is the real deal for sure. I highly rec. any of her gigs as I have ordered several & have always been pleased.

“Hi Gina, What a powerful session. Today I returned home to my mother and was able to give her a hug, able to really cry, able to express from my heart and soul what was bothering me this past 40 years, able to tell her I love her without blaming her, able to speak from my inner voice, empty out the deep pain and hurt I’ve been carrying and kept expressing myself until it all left me. And she was able to receive me, hear me from her heart and we both asked for each others forgiveness. Then a great energy that was holding me back my whole life it seems, got released and I feel complete FREEDOM. I actually feel my whole life is going to work now. I realized after, that your facilitation with the group help me release the deep energy I wasn’t able to until now…right on Mothers Day!!! how great is that! We are all going to a family party later and we have decided from now on to enjoy everything in our lives including each other! Wow! Every blessing to your work and your group. Thank you all so very much!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel the deepest relief and new beginning ! Lorraine ”

Hi Gina,

I trust you are well. My headache seems to no longer be an issue. Thank you. The kidney jing treatments that you have been doing on a monthly basis is also helping greatly. I will order a new gig to continue these.


Hi Gina,
I felt your presence today while I was hiking. I felt my heart soften and I noticed the correlation between my heart and spine. My cervical discomfort feels more manageable, especially considering the amount of hiking I did today.
Thank you!

“Thank you so much for explaining this situation to me, Gina! Now that I’m conscious of this, I can truly feel the shift around my energy field, and my neck & back aches no longer occur when I wake up in the morning. This is really incredible! I’ll definitely take heed of your guidance and advice, and do my best to expand my energies to meet them instead of the other way round! You’re amazing, and definitely an honor to work with 🙂 Much love, light & angel blessings to You ♥ ”
That’s very true. You’re absolutely right that no amount of books can actually validate about the spirituality and divine matters. This is my first time knowing and hearing about the expansion of guides’ energies instead of my own. I really didn’t know about it until you explained to me. It’s pretty interesting and really enlightening! I’ve been reading, and learning about spirituality myself, and building up intuition on my own. While it’s really exciting, it’s truly confusing at times as there are just so many things going on. You’ve opened up my mind to so many things in just one session with you. Simply fantastic! So, thank you very much for this really unique experience and life lesson, and for allowing me to connect with you 🙂 It’s truly a pleasure! I most certainly hope to work with you again soon! Many blessings ♥
Thanks for a month of solid sleep for both Ron and I. Greatly improved relationship in. Joan

“Hi Gina! You made a huge impact on my mom’s office this week. My mom is very very appreciative of your efforts! Thank you for your support! ”

If you think of discomfort from standing on the feet for work 8 hours ASK GGREEN3, IT ROCKS so improved. Great Marvels!!! Thank you Ggreen3.
“Thank you! I’ll order another one for her in a few days. This is probably a good lesson for me as well. My parents are amazed by you. :-)”

I just wanted to say thanks for putting on this event! The changes have been incredible for the girls and I, even if my girls didn’t know anything was occurring.
Blessings, Cathy