Gina Martin works with people who suffer from physical/emotional challenges that are looking for natural solutions to their problems, while developing a level of control over the vitality they desire in life.

Specializing in hard to heal health challenges, and stress related illnesses Gina gives people hope and skills to make daily life healthier.

Gina has been in the health and teaching industry since 1983 and developed Energy Yoga to assist people in reaching their health goals faster and easier.

Scientific research has finally caught up with energy healing and has proven its effectiveness.

Below is a partial list of Gina’s training and community activities:

  • 1996 Levels I, II, III Certification Reiki
  • 1997 How To Talk To Energy, Hanna Kroeger
  • 1998 Dowsing Training. Raymond Grace
  • 1999 Reflexology training. Deborah Ardell Hill
  • 2000-2001 Universal College Of Healing Arts, Licensed Massage Therapist, Internship with hospice house and RLS private research group.
  • 2002 to present Meditation and Energy Work Training. Buddhist Monks
  • 2003 Certification in Repetitive Injury Treatments
  • 2004 Emotional Freedom Technique Training .
  • 2006 Integrative Reflexology Certification. Claire Miller
  • 2007 BodyTalk Public Clinic, Pipal Park Community Center
  • 2000 to present Certification  BodyTalk training, PaRaMa training with John Velthiem (founder of BT)
  • 2007 Harmonyum- Certification Levels 1 and 2
  • 2010  “Nurturing the Mother” birthing massage therapy. Claire Miller
  • 2012  Published “Think and Grow Healthy” buy on Amazon.com
  • 2013 Trigger Point Therapy, specializing in the head and neck.
  • 2014 BARS facilitator and practitioner
  • 2015 Yoga Rocks The Park, Public Class, Omaha MeetUp Groups
  • 2015 Integrative Reflexology Training, Clair Miller
  • 2016 Certified Harmonyum III Practitioner
  • 2017 Developed Emotional Massage Modality
  • 2017 Resistance and Release Massage Training
  • Launched Emotional Massage for the public
  • Launched Fascial Fluidity and Repatterning training for professionals
  • Work towards National Certification Continuing Educational Provider