Energy Yoga Academy

Welcome to the Energy Yoga Academy!
Members receive:
– 3; 1 hour Long-distance Energy Work sessions every week ($1500.00.0+ value a month)
– Access to advanced videos to make your life easier. Provided in the weekly delivered program.
– Access to advanced healing audios to eliminate stress and improve health. Provided in the weekly delivered program.

-Weekly session updates and materials will be delivered to your email. You will be provided a simple “Energetic Locator Sheet” to fill out to assist you in focusing where and how you would like the healing energies to support you. I often send emails to ask, “What else you would like?” and then provide specialized healing audios for the group to address the needs going on in real time. This is a personalized community of people I work with that are serious about “living life to the fullest”.  It is like having me in your back pocket for support!

Direct email access for me to answer your questions and for you to give me updates on how you are doing.  Energy Academy Members have top priority while participating in the paid Energy Yoga Academy Program.  This program is for those people that enjoy ongoing energetic support to make life better and increase vitality levels.

6  Month Subscription is $402.00. A Great deal…I know! Working with people as a group allows me to help more people and keep the price affordable.  Roughly $2.20 a day to improve your energetic connections in the body-mind complex. What is it worth to know I am working to keep your health in all the areas below…

Each month I will focus on rejuvenating an area of the body along with the topics you write on your Energy Locator Sheet will also be addressed. The best of both worlds.

January Better brain health. A must for everyone, of any age.
February Harmonizing endocrine health.
March Strengthening bones and muscles, and action in life.
April Heart, circulation, and joy.
May Digestion and boundaries. Yep, they affect each other.
June Right relationships. People, work, and to self.
July Embracing abundance and manifesting.
August Skin, hair, and nails.
September Awareness, intuition, and self-care.
October Lymphatic, self-confidence, and getting things done.
November Upgrading the energy bodies. Chakra and meridians.
December Anti Aging- boosting mitochondria health and telomere functioning.
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Energy Yoga Academy